muzinin – Even under the most difficult conditions your reliable power-water-additive

Advantages at a glance: muzinin power-water-additives preserve the system free of problems in continuous 24-hour service. A muzinin-solution will remain stable even under the highest stresses, whether through an extremely high flow speed or through very high pressure. This is the most important requirement of our products for long service life. Its particular affinity for metal and good wetting properties due to surface activity support the outstanding corrosion protection.

Features of muzinin

  • highest stability
  • outstanding lubricating film
  • excellent corrosion protection
  • high ability to withstand pressure
  • outstanding wear protection
  • resistant to foaming
  • good tolerability by human skin
  • compatibility with customary sealing materials
  • freeze-resistant, after addition of FR 58 anti-freeze agent
  • ecologically benign

Areas of application

muzinin can be used in all water hydraulic systems in a wide range of sectors, e.g. in:
  • the wood industry
  • the rubber industry
  • the plastics industry
  • the steel industry
  • the aluminium industry
  • the automobile industry
  • also in
  • test presses
  • forming operations
  • hydraulic lifts
  • pumps
  • isostatic presses

  1. Excellent corrosion protection
    Tests show excellent protection against corrosion.

    In water hydraulic systems it is extremely important to use special power-water-additives which provide optimal corrosion protection, because corrosion damage is very costly.

    When using muzinin, corrosion will not develop as long as the prescribed parameters are adhered to.

  2. Outstanding lubricating film
    Apparatuses operated with muzinin-solution have long service life.

    This has been confirmed by well known manufacturers of plants and components. Valves, seals, pistons and control means suffer constant wear, as a result of the extreme pressures and very high flow speeds. This wear can be minimised by the use of optimum power-water-additives.

    Studies confirm optimal swelling behaviour of seals. Based on these facts but also as a result of the outstanding lubricating film, seals may often last for a number of years.

  3. Ecologically benign
    An ecologically benign product range is the result of continuous research.

    At this we developed a complex system comprised of organic components, which provides outstanding quality results at very low concentrations of the additive.

Products which are
harmonious with nature
– for your water hydraulic systems